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Softboiled Happiness

by Marie C. Dern and Danielle Giudici Wallis

7-1/2" H X 7" W ("toaster"/box)
6" x 8" base
Letterpress, collage

Following the Dada philosophy that there should be no rules, we made:

Ten prints on toast.

Housed in a "toaster"

The "toast" is handmade by Danielle with invasive plant species in Redlands, California

The "toaster" is made by Marie

Poem and Letterpress by Marie

Collage by Danielle

An edition of 3 copies


Softboiled Happiness is a collaboration betweeen Marie and Danielle over several weeks. Danielle made the toast and sent it to Marie who printed on it and sent it back. Danielle collaged and painted and otherwise added to the printing and sent it back again. Marie made the toaster and wrote the poem.

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