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The Uneventful Life of Doña Carmen y Costanza

Marie C. Dern
14-1/4"h x 10"w

Edition of 32, now sold out.

This is the first book I did with Inez Storer in 1997. Inez had been a resident at the American Academy in Rome where she made some drawings on old movie magazines of a character who was then nameless. I thought they were pretty great drawings and so we decided to make the drawings into a book; they also were sequential so that made sense. It's the story of a girl from birth to beatification--she sees an angel in her tv and is beatified.

The prints were made by Inez at Trillium Press in Brisbane, California. They are silkscreen, monoprint and hand finished. I printed the titles for each print in Spanish because I've been studying that language and wanted to print in it. For that reason we also made Dona Carmen Mexican instead of Italian. The type is garamond bold because the year before I made this book Carl and I were in Oaxaca and visited a letterpress shop near the Zocalo (main square). They had a C and P like mine and were using Garamond.

John (DeMerritt) made the boxes. He didn't want to use momigami because of the wrinkles, but I made him do it anyway and it turned out great.

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