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Schooner/Freight with Two Copies with Collage and Pastepapers
(photo: Martin Ledyard)

Popup Ship

The Wreck of the Hesperus
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow|

Marie C. Dern
Danielle Giudici Wallis

en copies. Edition Varie´
Jungle Garden Press

This is a Wonder Book.
We wonder what will happen.
Ten copies were letterpress printed.
Five were sent to Danielle.
Danielle used addition and subtraction.
She sent these to Marie.
Marie did the same, but different.
Additional copies went back and forth
Until the sum of 10 emerged with
variable differences.

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Prices for Hesperus books:

Schooner/Freight $1,600
Popup  Ship  $1,500
Two Copies with Collage
and Pastepapers       

Encaustic        $1,200
Shipwreck in Box  $1,300
Plain with Knots $1,300
Fish with Ladder  $1,600
Wood Type T    $1,600
Pastepaper copy sold

Shipwreck in Box with Plain with Knots and Encaustic
(photo: Martin Ledyard)

Fish with Ladder

Wood Type T
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